I was always into interesting, beautiful images and good stories. Already at school, a camera was pretty much always with me.
After studying in Münster and London, I began working as a DoP, but quickly turned to Directing. My first commercial for Kawasaki won the bronze Young Directors Award 2001 in Cannes.
In recent years I often worked as Director/DoP – for efficiency, but also for the sheer fun of it.
Given my fascination with people and their stories, it’s not really surprising that I love shooting emotional, visually strong vignette films and stories with subtle humour.
I describe my style as authentic and sensual, perfect for beauty shoots, capturing that brief moment that says everything in a split second.
Over the years I won tons of awards and also accumulated a pretty impressive list of German and international celebrities I worked with – from Mario Adorf, Brian Adams and Dieter Bohlen to Tatyana Navka, Vladimir Klitschko and Brian Ferry.
Apart from drawing on my long experience to create something fresh and new every time and the responsible handling of budgets, I see myself as a creative and uniting link between agency and client. I love to create a good vibe on set. I believe it's the key to any good film.
When not filming, I'm into my family, travelling, cooking, eating and my photography.
I live in Germany and speak German and English.
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